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Is it possible to have a fun, engaging program

that celebrates your scout’s accomplishments

and promotes the goals of scouting?

David Black the Southern Tier's 1st Choice in Family Entertainment

You want your Blue and Gold banquet to be smooth, successful, and memorable.  After all, you’re recognizing a year’s worth of achievements.  You’re also setting the tone for the rest of the year.  You have a lot to coordinate.  There’s the food, decorations, awards, and the program for the evening.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a program that was fun, captivating, and reinforced scouting goals such as character, citizenship, and fitness?  Then you may want to consider my program:

the perfect Blue & Gold presentation to Dazzle your Cub Scouts and their families!

My name is David Black and for over twenty-five years I have been presenting programs that support the youth development goals of schools, churches and youth organizations like yours.  As a professional entertainer and educator, I understand that we all have a limited window of opportunity to make a positive impact on children’s development. 

We want our youth to develop a strong moral character, make healthy choices and become good citizens. Now, there’s nothing wrong with entertainment for entertainment’s sake, but I believe that I can use my performing skills for something more.  I believe that along with the laughter and amazement found in my shows, my audience can also be inspired and motivated to reach higher. That’s why I created BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE; a program that supports scouting values such as character, citizenship, and fitness yet is fun and engaging.

In my BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE presentation, I emphasize that achievement is all about attitude as exemplified by the Cub Scout motto, “Do Your Best.”  These are the words that make the magic happen.  Throughout the show the values found in the Scout Oath and Law are evident in the effects I perform and in the way I interact with the audience. I treat the Cub Scouts, family members and the adult leaders with respect both in use of appropriate language and by making certain that no one looks foolish while in the spotlight.


The BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE program is a self-contained show. I provide my own sound system, backdrop and any other equipment required for the show. All that is required is access to an electrical outlet and a 10 foot across by 8 foot deep minimum performance area. The show can be performed from a traditional stage or on the same level with the guests.  In order to be ready to start on time, I need one reserved parking space located as close as possible to the performance area.

 Click on the button below to receive information on the pricing and availability for my BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE program, 40-minutes of fun, amazement and inspiration. You may also call my office at (607) 648-5444, or email [email protected].

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I take pride in making my presentations memorable and uplifting. I’m so confident that my BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE program will amaze, entertain and inspire your scouts at your Blue & Gold event that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is by offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not thrilled and completely satisfied, just let me know and you’ll pay nothing for the show. You have absolutely nothing to lose and all the risk is on me!